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Streamline every visual task with Epigos AI's automation capabilities. Expedite data labeling and AI model building, achieving results in mere hours instead of weeks.

Effortlessly annotate satellite, drone, and multi-spectral imagery with automated precision. Seamlessly tackle intricate object detection tasks, simplifying complex processes. Train models to detect crop diseases, monitor livestock health, grade and sort produce, perform yield estimation and unlock a myriad of possibilities


Transform the healthcare and life sciences landscape using our cutting-edge computer vision technology. Streamline medical imaging and pathology workflows with automated image analysis, leveraging custom models trained to accelerate processes. Embrace a new era of efficiency and precision in healthcare with our revolutionary AI-powered platform.


Leverage our advanced annotation and intelligent vision models to propel your projects forward. Unlock the power of AI models for tasks like PPE detection, workplace hazard identification, visual inspection, and more. Embrace innovation with our cutting-edge computer vision solutions and accelerate your success.


Efficiently annotate data for tasks such as defect inspection, quality assurance, and product assembly. Consolidate data sources in a centralized platform. Achieve pixel-perfect object detection and segmentation for precise analysis of small regions. Streamline your workflows with our powerful computer vision tools and elevate your performance across various industries.


Revolutionize the automotive industry with our cutting-edge computer vision solutions. Unlock a new era of innovation, efficiency, and safety as our AI-powered platform transforms various aspects of automotive operations such as Driver Assistance Systems, Quality Control in Manufacturing, Traffic Management and Smart Cities and Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance.

Food & Beverage

Utilize our platform to train models for tasks like food recognition, cooking automation, order quality assurance, and beyond. Empower your operations with AI-driven capabilities, unlocking a world of possibilities in various domains.


Utilize our platform to identify and re-identify customers while seamlessly tracking object movements for comprehensive surveillance and insights. Experience the power of AI-driven solutions, revolutionizing video analysis in surveillance and security applications


Implement advanced document processing workflows, seamlessly integrating OCR, key-value pairing, and named-entity recognition models. Simplify your operations with our intelligent platform, optimizing efficiency and accuracy in data processing tasks

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Embrace the future of business operations with our comprehensive computer vision platform. Empower your team to annotate training data, train powerful models, and deploy them with ease.