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Empowering Your AI Journey To Elevate Your Business Operations

Dataset management

Effortlessly organize, update, and access your data with our advanced dataset management feature.

Seamlessly handle large-scale datasets, and stay in complete control of your training data, ensuring precision and accuracy in every step of your AI journey.

View, sort, and filter
Split size
Version control
Image annotation

Get ready to revolutionize your data annotation process! With our intuitive image annotation feature, you can quickly and accurately label images, making data annotation a breeze.

Enhance productivity, reduce manual efforts, and experience the joy of watching your labeled datasets come to life.

Auto label
Bounding box
Category annotation
Moderation process
Model training

Unleash the potential of AI with our exhilarating model training feature. Watch as our cutting-edge algorithms fine-tune your models for optimal performance.

Develop, enhance, and monitor the complete lifecycle of your organization's models. Utilize our hosted GPUs to train tailored models, saving both time and cost-effectively.

SOTA models
Model library
from epigos import Epigos

client = Epigos("api_key")
# load object detection model
model = client.object_detection("model_id")
# make detections
results = model.detect("path/to/your/image.jpg")

    "detections": [
            "label": "car",
            "confidence": 0.954,
            "x": 281,
            "y": 187,
            "width": 46,
            "height": 36
    "image": "<base64 image>"
Model deployment

Utilize our managed infrastructure to deploy your model as a hosted API endpoint.

Effortlessly deploy your model across diverse platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson, iOS devices, OAK cameras, Raspberry Pi, web browsers, your preferred cloud service, and beyond.

Web UI
Edge devices
Data labelling service

Let us handle the heavy lifting! With our data labeling service, wave goodbye to the time-consuming task of data annotation.

Our expert team of labelers ensures accurate and high-quality annotations, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters – achieving extraordinary AI success. Get ready to be amazed as your AI dreams come to life without the hassle!

Hire Pro Labelers
Domain Expects
Security standards

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